Change the dynamics between
you and your clients

Now you can deliver a virtual office with anytime, anywhere access from all mobile and computing devices. Ensure privacy, share and protect vital information, and create a focal point for family and office communication through an array of customizable modules that lead to bottom-line savings.

Store, share, and organize your
personal information

Protect your records

Preserve and safeguard essential documents in a digital vault you can access securely anytime, anywhere.

Communicate within a completely private portal

Engage and collaborate with family members in a secure workspace that only the people you choose can enter. You can even encrypt your messages when you sign up for our secure email service.

Obtain critical information that's focused and timely

We find leading authorities for current, specialized, unbiased information to further your investment, lifestyle, and philanthropic goals.

Protect client information

Use a digital vault that incorporates advanced industry standard end-to-end encryption, access control (via passphrases, roles, and permissions), document versioning, rules-based event notifications, usage auditing, and nightly backups—all hosted within a federally regulated data center.

Engage your clients with
private collaboration tools

Communicate more effectively with professional staff, clients, and multi-generational family members while differentiating your firm's approach to engagement. Sign and review documents, deliver paperless statements, publish specialized content, post social network style messages with multimedia, and access shared private calendars.

Enhance your image and
online presence

The Summitas platform differentiates your organization through a cost-effective, secure portal that's integrated into your office workflow and systems. Summitas professionals help you promote your brand image and make application choices to extend your presence across the online spectrum—all typically within a few days.

How we can help

Offer security
and safety

Summitas is the award-winning reference platform for secure office-family communication. Using innovative technology demonstrates the importance you place on privacy.

Realize operational

Less paper means less risk. Automating document sharing and communication tasks, including electronic document reviews and signing, increases productivity and lowers support costs.


Offering secure and private communication, collaboration, and document management are essentials for managing wealth. Doing so transforms the client experience and sets the organization apart.

Our advantage

Preserve and protect
valuable information

Store copies of passports, credit cards, insurance documents, medical records, wills, emergency contacts, and other vital information encrypted in a digital vault only you can access.

Collaborate safely
and securely

Share family documents, maintain a group calendar, exchange messages, and participate in group discussions, all within the privacy of your own workspace.

Stay informed and make
better decisions

Summitas provides timely, well-organized, unbiased investment, lifestyle, and philanthropic content. Tap the wisdom and experience of other Summitas members.

Select the option
that's right for you

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Private Workspace & Digital Vault
Access to all Summitas Content
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