How Wealth Advisors Add Value
The receding tide of the financial crisis of 2007–2008 exposed the flimsy basis of a number of wealth advisors’ portfolio design. Along with reduced assets came lower client satisfaction, and justifiably so. Yet investors may not understand just what a wealth advisor...  more
Asset Location: Time to Revisit Investment Positioning?
Asset location sounds like a slip of the tongue for “asset allocation” but the two are not the same thing, as this white paper from GenSpring Family Offices explains. “Asset allocation most often focuses primarily upon liquid investments; asset location must consider...  more
With… A Property in Mind
Foreigners are increasingly interested in buying real property in the United Kingdom, and this guide by Emma Copestake of international law firm Withers Worldwide takes a prospective buyer through the process step by step. Among the more important aspects are...  more
Cut the Costs of Wealth Management
Improve investment performance without increasing risk — it sounds almost too good to be true, but according to Christian Noltiereke it can be done simply by cutting what you pay for wealth management. In this still timely white paper, Noltiereke, managing director...  more
Family Business and Its Future: A Plan for Ownership Succession Training
Along with ongoing attention to retaining key employees, a family business needs to prepare the next generation to take over management roles, writes Stephen Salley in this still-relevant white paper from GenSpring Family Offices. “From an early age,” Salley says ...  more
Numeracy, Innumeracy, and Hard Slogging
The faulty assumptions that come with an incomplete grasp of financial realities is the subject of Gregory Curtis’ still-relevant white paper, Numeracy, Innumeracy, and Hard Slogging. Curtis looks at how reliance on one number — expected annual returns of equities —...  more
Profiting from Disruption: The Case for Thematic Investment
In this paper, Alliance Bernstein makes a case for thematic investing.  “When executed properly, thematic investing may offer several key benefits. In particular, since thematic portfolios have markedly different characteristics than other strategies, their returns...  more