Getting youths off the streets by giving them tools
A philanthropy success story has taken root in Latin America, founded by a former nuclear scientist on a spiritual quest and managed by an engineer turned consultant. Ganydar supplies tools to "workshop-schools in Latin America so that apprentices may learn a craft...  more
Lessons from the other side of scale
Taking successful programs and expanding them so they benefit more people is a basic tenet of philanthropy. Yet it is also one of the most daunting challenges, for many reasons. Caroline Kronley, managing director for strategy at the Rockefeller Foundation, heard...  more
The yacht owners saving the seven seas
As worrying as the condition of the world’s oceans is—90 percent of the oceans experience a combination of overexploitation, pollution, acidification, and climate change—more and more people are working to overcome those problems. Prominent in the effort are yacht...  more
Grants management and the foundation of the future
Experienced philanthropists know that every aspect of a foundation’s work has an impact on its effectiveness and the success of the programs it supports. There seems to be increased awareness that grantmakers and the organizations they support can both achieve more...  more
Network transformation: Can big nonprofits achieve big results?
“In an era of tech-enabled, high-growth social enterprises, it’s easy to overlook the very large, slower-growth organizations with expansive networks that have been serving children, youth, and families for a decade—or longer. But it’s these national and global...  more
Funding documentaries to drive policy change
Some of the ways a philanthropist can promote social change are by supporting intervention with at-risk groups or lobbying legislators. Education is also important, and one effective means of educating the public is through film. Documentaries, whether shown on...  more
How offering an innovation prize energized our grant making
The J.M. Kaplan Fund held an open call for social entrepreneurs and found itself changed by the selection process. The foundation created the J.M.K. Innovation Prize to “seek out boldly promising ideas in the field of social-sector innovation—however untested or...  more
Art donors give to smaller nonprofits
The best place for your art donation may not be a museum—not if you want it to be seen, that is. Consider that most museums display only a small percentage of their collections and you may follow the example of the collectors who give pieces to other nonprofits. Among...  more
Building Capacity by Transforming Grantor/Grantee Relationships
“We often hear that nonprofits desire a closer and more open relationship with their funders,” Sai Siegel says. “And while many grantmakers support this idea, it’s not always clear what it actually means in practice.” Siegel was the director of the Bayview Hunters...  more
Your Virtual Seat Awaits: Key Takeaways from Planning and Executing a Virtual Convening
The Case Foundation organized a conference for more than 1,000 people that took place in an unusual location: on “laptops and desktops across the country.” In other words, it was “an online convening.” In this white paper, the event’s organizers describe the process...  more
Global Business Network Bulletin: Fall 2011
The Fall 2011 issue of the Global Business Network Bulletin features an interview with Tara Capsuto, a GBN practice associate, on her fellowship with, a facilatator of global person-to-person lending. Other articles include a look at GBN’s “Developing and...  more
Philanthropy and Social Media
The growth of social media like Facebook and Twitter shows no signs of slowing down, and the philanthropic sector is participating in a number of ways. This white paper from the Institute for Philanthropy seeks to introduce philanthropists and philanthropic...  more
Four Revolutions in Global Philanthropy
“Philanthropy is currently undergoing four revolutions in parallel” that will shape the course of philanthropy for years to come, Maximilian Martin writes in this white paper from social investing consultancy Newdea. In Martin’s view, a market-inspired transformation...  more
Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact
Measuring the success of grants is a central concern of grantmakers and recipients. This white paper from FSG starts with assumption that most problems worth tackling are beyond the scope of one organization. “This research highlights 20 social enterprises that...  more