Make advocacy a part of every board member’s duty
For a nonprofit board member, just showing up is not even close of 80 percent of the job. There is governance and fund raising, for example, and there is advocacy. Stand For Your Mission is a campaign that promotes “creating positive change through board advocacy,”...  more
Precepts for the supremely successful board
For many aspects of life, there is no guidebook. Nonprofit board members are more fortunate. Consultant Jerold Panas has written several books on how to an effective board member, and for this article on the GuideStar website, he has summarized his insights in 15...  more
Perceiving Progress
Ask a foundation CEO how his organization is achieving its goals and he’ll tell you it’s doing fine, though the sector as a whole could do better. But if that is the consensus, then something is amiss, just as all the children in Garrison Keillor’s fictional Lake...  more
6 Questions to Ask Before Planning a Philanthropic Trip
“Going on a trip where there is an opportunity to give back is gaining popularity,” says Maryann Fernandez of Philanthropy Indaba. This paper presents six questions to ask before getting involved that will help make the most of your philanthropic trips.  more