How to raise your child to be a philanthropist
“Many parents want their children to grow up to be philanthropic. The hard part is knowing when—and how—to start instilling a sense of philanthropy in them,” Veronica Dagher says. “Experts in the world of philanthropy offer several approaches. But there is a consensus...  more
The Keyboard Charitable Trust: Beginnings
by John Leech:The snow had begun to fall softly that February day in 1991. By early evening its loose mass became treacherous under a brittle and doubly slithery crust. The car descended the slope to the Old Banking Hall in Old Broad Street almost under its own...  more
The changing face of Asian philanthropy
“Asia’s young inheritors are doing things differently from their forefathers. And this includes taking a structured, professional approach to philanthropy” Tara Wilkinson says in this article for Wealth-X. “Philanthropy is an age-old tradition in Asia, but wide-scale...  more
Miriam Heatherich and First Hand: Rescuing children
The mission of Singapore-based nonprofit First Hand is protecting children, particularly disabled children from Cambodia, who are in desperate need of aid. Although the Pol Pot regime was overthrown in 1979, the damage done to the country is still being felt. “There...  more
Foundations must move fast to fight climate change
Climate change’s impact on the mission of most foundations could be profound, even to the point of negating supported programs’ ability to improve people’s lives. Yet with all that has been done, it may not be enough. Hewlett Foundation President Larry Kramer and...  more
Aiming to Succeed: Measuring Gift Effectiveness
Satisfaction in philanthropy doesn’t come from just writing the check, but also from knowing that the money was used effectively. This white paper from GenSpring Family Offices and The Philanthropic Initiative is a guide to evaluating philanthropy, as it applies to...  more
Conserving the Galápagos
“There must be many people in the cut-throat world of corporate finance who have vowed to abandon a life driven by money in order to do something to save the planet. But how many actually follow through?” How To Spend It writer Simon de Burton asks. One who did was...  more
Raising Philanthropic Children: Lessons From the Field
Instilling their values in the next generation is a concern most parents share, and Pathstone Federal Street’s staff regularly consults with clients to address the topic. “In this white paper, we explore the importance of strategic philanthropy in the wealth transition...  more
Philanthropy and Charitable Giving: A New Incentive for Charitable Legacies
The U.K. budget for 2012 contained a proposal to reduce the inheritance tax for anyone who donates at least 10 percent of his or her estate to charity. The U.K. Revenue and Customs subsequently issued additional details of the proposal and asked for comments on it....  more
Reflections on Two Decades of the Poetry and Practice of Philanthropy
Peter Karoff relates some of the lessons he has learned about the practice of philanthropy after 20 years as head of philanthropy advisory firm The Philanthropic Initiative, in this presentation to the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy’s Conference...  more
Building a Foundation for the Impact Investing Industry: An Open Letter from G.I.I.N.
“The microfinance situation in Andhra Pradesh, India, has provided a wake-up call for those of us who care about the future of impact investing,” the Global Impact Investing Network writes in this open letter to impact investors, referring to controversy over alleged...  more
Dollars for Degrees: Financial Aid and its Impact on Post-Secondary Degree Completion in Texas
While admission to college doesn’t guarantee a degree, ever-increasing costs, student debt, and availability of financial aid can have a significant effect on graduation rates. Dollars for Degrees: Financial Aid and its Impact on Post-Secondary Degree Completion in...  more
Disaster Response: Helping Revive the Gulf Coast Economy
As the Gulf Coast struggles to recover from the oil spill that decimated the fishing and tourism industries, philanthropists may assume that British Petroleum's money will make affected residents whole. Disaster Response: Helping Revive the Gulf Coast Economy argues...  more
Newman’s Own Hits $300 Million Charity Milestone
Since Newman’s Own, actor Paul Newman’s food company, was founded in 1982 it has donated more than $300 million to various charities, including the Hole In the Wall Camps, a summer camp for seriously ill children. Groups that focus on such issues as hunger and...  more
Tomorrow’s Donors: Engaging the Next Generation of Philanthropists
“Family foundations have long been the main giving vehicle for many philanthropists; from the major historical players of the 20th Century — such as the Rockefellers and Carnegies in the United States, and the Rowntrees and Boschs in Europe — to more recent...  more
7 Questions for Effective Philanthropists
As one of the most significant and complex endeavors to carry out, philanthropy can present challenges that range from governance to evaluation to succession plans. To help donors make effective philanthropic investments, Arabella Advisors has provided guidelines for...  more