For foundations, succession planning should be a high priority
“Plan ahead” was IBM’s famous motto, while the Boy Scouts reminded its members to “Be prepared.” What was good advice for corporate employees and young men is equally relevant to private foundations that have to replace an executive. “You should already have a well...  more
Report urges nonprofit boards to ‘do better’
For all the nonprofit organizations with decades-long histories, there are also those that end abruptly. New York’s City Opera had a lengthy and public end, while the Federation for Employment & Guidance Service (FEGS) collapsed in a few months and received less...  more
The prevalence and best practices of mega-gifts
“While titans of industry actively negotiate their commercial transactions, they should understand that a gift agreement requires just as much planning and deliberation as any business contract,” Julia Chu says. In this article for Wealth Management, Chu recommends...  more
Seven habits of highly ineffective foundation boards
Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, has seen many foundation boards at work—“dozens and dozens,” by his estimate. Some worked well and were effective, but by no means all. A few years ago, he summed up his observations in a post that...  more
St. Barth: How The Top Five Resorts Compare
A Caribbean vacation can be wonderful no matter the time of year, but after one of the coldest and snowiest winters the Midwest and Northeast have seen in years, it is practically de rigueur. Fortunately, Gary Walther, the Hotel Detective, has done the hard work of...  more
Why Aspen & Snowmass Is This Season’s Hot Ski Destination
“Every winter is a big winter for Aspen — but this one is huge,” travel expert Larry Olmsted writes in his The Great Life blog. What makes it huge are multiple new facilities where typically years pass between such additions. There are new restaurants — one in the...  more
The Family Foundation and the L3C
For foundations that have seen endowments shrink as requests increase, there may be an alternative to distributing 5 percent of their assets each year. In this still-relevant newsletter from the Family Office Association, attorney Marc Lane outlines the basics of...  more
Accounting for Family Foundations
Accounting for Family Foundations, a white paper from Financial Navigator, supplies an overview of accounting issues involved in preparing reports for the typical foundation. Among the topics covered in the paper are “Foundation-Specific Complexities,” such as...  more
Best Practices for Protecting the Privacy of Your Family Foundation
A private foundation is in some ways misnamed since foundations are required to file disclosure forms that are open to public scrutiny. For a family foundation this requirement can have repercussions that wealth management firm Ballentine Partners say can “expose...  more
The State of U.K. Charity Boards
“The State of U.K. Charity Boards aims to consolidate and build upon recent work carried out in the sector dealing with issues of effective board governance. The paper draws on data collected from a survey of over 100 charity and board leaders in the United Kingdom...  more