The car marques turning themselves into luxury lifestyle brands
It is either a brilliant brand extension or marketing gone wildly out of control, but the Porsche Design Tower in Miami is just one of a number of similar projects car companies have developed recently. How To Spend It car editor Simon de Burton calls it “a shake-up in...  more
How good an investment is a classic Porsche 911?
Love it or be unimpressed by it, no other car looks remotely like a Porsche 911. With its four-eyed front end and streamlined design, its beauty may only be in the eye of the beholder, but many of those beholders are collectors who are eager to add rare examples to...  more
Bentley’s first-ever electric concept car is a luxury fever dream
After 87 years, the Geneva International Motor Show is well-established as a showcase for all the latest models, most of which are announced well in advance. Bentley took a different approach this year, surprising attendees with an electric concept car on opening day...  more
Superyachts partner up to fight ocean plastic
It is a frightening statistic: By 2050, the bits of plastic floating in the world’s oceans could outweigh the fish, if trends continue. Thankfully, many people have organized to reverse the trend, among whom are yacht builders and owners. “Ever since David de...  more
How to avoid the potholes of classic car ownership
Every buyer of a previously owned car knows enough to do at least some due diligence before handing over the money. It could be having someone more knowledgeable about cars look it over or taking it to a mechanic for an inspection. With a collectable car, that due...  more
Are supercars ever a good investment?
A new car is an expensive indulgence when you consider that it loses value as soon as it leaves the dealer. Sportscars and supercars are another matter--sometimes. There is no automatic exemption from the rule of depreciation, as Mei Anne Foo explains in this article...  more
2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Unfiltered driving at its best
The Alfa Romeo brand has a romantic history, made more so by being unavailable in the U.S. for 20 years. Even so, it hasn’t attracted crowds of buyers since it was reintroduced, which Forbes contributor Sam Abuelhamid thinks is unfortunate. He especially likes the...  more
Scorching around in Morgan’s punchy new electric three-wheeler
It’s sure to be the only one on your block, if not in your city: an electric Morgan three-wheel car. Not something you see every day, especially the limited edition created for London's Selfridge's department store to highlight “British craftsmanship and...  more
2017 Porsche Panamera first drive: The brand’s best sedan yet
A new car model may mean a few cosmetic changes and a new feature or two, or it may be a significant redesign. For the Porsche Panamera, the 2017 models qualify as redesigns, with changes inside and out. Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott calls it a home run, based...  more
Get the thrill of driving a 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe without the upkeep hassle
How sweet it would be to own and drive a classic race  car, one that you may have fallen in love with and never quite got over. Sweet, perhaps, but with many vintage cars maintenance and upkeep can take away a lot of the joy of ownership. Not so with the modern...  more
The Rolls-Royce Dawn
“Convertible” and “Rolls-Royce” were never found in close proximity in the same sentence until this year, when the Dawn was added to the British carmaker’s lineup. Based on Benjamin Reeves’ review for Worth magazine, fans of Rolls-Royce may wonder why it took so long....  more
Classic cars reborn
For most collectors, authenticity is paramount. If a piece has to be restored, the scope of the restoration must be spelled out, and value is almost always affected. Yet not everyone is so focused. For a fan, particularly for a fan of classic cars, sometimes it is...  more
What is a Genesis? I tested the 2017 G90 from Hyundai’s luxury brand
The Genesis is here, as TV viewers may have noticed. For others, the new brand is Hyundai’s high-end offering, something like the Toyota Lexus and Honda Acura. And seriously, it is comparable, Hannah Elliott says. Elliott, who is Bloomberg Pursuits’ car editor,...  more
The new Karma Revero is not just a Tesla wannabe
“Déjà vu happens often in the car world, especially when old names rise again as ‘new’ models and brands,” Bloomerg car editor Hannah Elliott observes, and the recent unveiling of Karma Automotive's 2017 Karma Revero is the latest deja vu moment. The reason being that...  more
The best superyacht builders in the world
“If you thought all the best superyacht builders in the world came from Italy or France,” Jody Chapman says, “think again.” Chapman, who is a designer and the managing director of 77 Design, a superyacht and transport design studio based in Singapore, writes regularly...  more
First Drive: The 2017 Ferrari California T HS feels like lightning
When Hannah Elliott drove the 2015 Ferrari California T around New York, she was suitably impressed that Ferrari had come up with a car that could be driven every day. It looked good, drove well, and was fast. Could it be improved? She didn’t think so. Then she got...  more
Superyachts that defy expectations
Some yacht owners look for comfort and luxury, and are less interested in speed. That was the trend in recent years, as the industry catered to “new owners with no background in yachting and whose standards of luxury had been acquired from grand hotels,” Alan Harper...  more
Luxury driverless cars: An ethical dilemma
The future of driving takes the steering wheel away from humans and gives it to a computer. Though the market for these systems is unknown, car companies are testing the concept. At the luxury level, Rolls-Royce recently unveiled its Vision Next 100, with an estimated...  more
<em>Magnum P.I.</em>-era Ferraris are red-hot on the classic car market
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a Ferrari, consider this: As an investment, most Ferraris have delivered satisfying returns. Now, a new batch of vintage Ferraris are attracting the next generation of collectors, so it might be a good time to snap one up....  more
Bentley and Rolls-Royce defy expectation
Two new car models wouldn’t deserve much notice, unless one was “an all-round impressive automobile” and the other was “quite simply, the quietest convertible ever made.” That Bentley and Rolls-Royce were the manufacturers added to car aficionados’ interest. This is...  more
Meet the Lambo Huracán's more polite sibling, the 2017 Audi R8
A toned-down supercar might not be for every driver, but the 2017 Audi R8 delivers speed, power, and a satisfying roar while looking fairly sedate. Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott calls the R8 “the nuanced choice in a group of supercars that includes the McLaren...  more
Riding below the waves: the rise of personal submersibles
With space travel still out of the reach of civilians, more adventurers are looking at underwater options. It helps to have a yacht but a fully equipped resort can be another way to spend time beneath the waves. “Sink or swim, private submersibles are already the next...  more
The latest trend in superyachts is renting, not buying
Whether to rent or own is the perpetual conundrum when it comes to yachts, which require ongoing maintenance to keep them seaworthy. In recent years, chartering a boat has become more popular and a just-released report found charters were up 21 percent in 2015 over...  more
Testing Audi’s new R8 supercar on the track at Daytona
Taking the Audi R8 out on the Daytona International Speedway track let Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott check off an entry on her bucket list: setting a personal speed record of 183 miles per hour. How it drives on city streets is another story. Elliott says the...  more
Thinking of buying a limited edition supercar?
“Let the buyer beware” applies to all sorts of shoppers, even those in the market for supercars. In the excitement of acquiring the car of your dreams, glossing over the fine print can prove costly. In this article for Spear’s magazine, Nigel Adams tells of a case of a...  more