Measure twice, cut once: Structural advice for private foundations
For a family, establishing a foundation can bring many intangible benefits. Of course, there are financial rewards, but those are not as long-lasting, as Massey, Quick adviser Daniel Weitz points out. “Private foundations are great solutions for those looking to...  more
<em>Market Pulse Report:</em> March 2017. Fooled by averages
Investors and the financial press celebrated when the Dow charged past the 20,000 mark in January, riding a wave of post-election exuberance that added 12 percent to the large-stock average by the beginning of March. The defeat of the American Health Care Act at the...  more
<em>Tax-efficient equity investing,</em> chapter 1: The importance of tax management
Given the headwinds, it is surprising that anyone makes progress towards an investment goal. Taxes take the biggest portion of the profits, especially if they are ignored, as Timothy Atwill and his colleagues at Parametric Portfolio are well aware. “Despite the fact...  more
<em>Asia Pacific Watch:</em> March 2017
Developers are not likely to put their names on warehouses or other industrial properties, but the sector can reward careful investors. This is as true in the Asia Pacific region, which is expected to show healthy growth in 2017, as in developed markets. In the March...  more
<em>Global Economic Outlook:</em> March 2017
It may put their membership in the Dismal Science Society at risk, but AllianceBernstein’s Global Economic Research analysts believe 2017 will be a good year for economic growth. “We now expect the global economy to grow by 3.0 percent this year, up from 2.4 percent...  more
<em>Monthly Market Tracker:</em> February 2017
February was warmer than average, in the Northeast at least, and for many market sectors as well. In fact, REITs and the S&P 500 Stock Index were smoking, and emerging markets and world markets as a whole were close behind. Among other noteworthy data points...  more
<em>Europe Watch:</em> March 2017
The financial crisis of 2008 hit Ireland hard and recovery was slow. After the economy bottomed out in 2009, growth was held back by a commitment to austerity as a recipe for recovery. Since 2015, though, growth has accelerated, to the point that Andrew Angeli...  more
What to know before moving to Canada
Whether for business, person, or political reasons, more Americans seem to believe that foreign grass is greener, and are putting that belief into action by giving up their U.S. citizenship. The numbers aren’t large but did grow 25 percent to more than 5,400 from...  more
<em>New York Tax Insights:</em> March 2017
As readers of New York Tax Insights know, if the New York State Department of Taxation says you are a New York resident, as a rule it is better to pay the tax. But every rule has an exception, and a taxpayer who presents a well-documented case may reverse the ruling....  more
<em>Americas Watch:</em> March 2017
Traders are supposed to hate uncertainty, according to one explanation that is trotted out when the stock market goes down. If that is the case, the various stock averages have no business setting records as they have over the past few months. Over in the political...  more
<em>Capital Markets Flash Report:</em> February 2017
Wealth advisory firm Greycourt & Company reviews the returns recorded in February by several asset classes, including domestic and foreign equities, fixed income, hedge funds, and commodities, in the Capital Markets Flash Report.The warmest February on record...  more
<em>Market Pulse Report:</em> February 2017
“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back,” the children's rhyme goes, though no one's back was ever broken as a result. On Wall Street they say “As January goes, so goes the year,” with the difference that in most years that has been what happened. Since the S&...  more
Italy: A new non-dom system for HNWIs
London was a popular place for foreigners to live for many years until the U.K. put regulations in place that raised taxes on income and real estate. As if in response, Italy is making it easier to establish residence in the country. A significant advantage of the new...  more
Global Real Estate Market Outlook 2017
Hurricane season is months away but CBRE Research has already issued a weather advisory for the real estate market. “At times it feels like we are being hit by gale-force winds,” CBRE Research Global Chief Economist Richard Barkham says. “All of the main real estate...  more
Economic forecasting: Is the business cycle flat?
For better or for worse, we live in The Age of Big Data and there is no going back. For consumers it is a decidedly mixed bag, with targeted ads following us around the Internet and personal details being collected at every click. For economists, it is a dream come...  more
Yellen signals higher official rates
At long last, the Federal Reserve has set forth a path to higher rates. Fed Chair Janet Yellen told Congress that believes economic conditions "warrant further gradual increases in the federal funds rate," the interest rate charged on loans to the largest banks. Wall...  more
<em>Asia Pacific Watch:</em> February 2017
Inflation is an elusive target, and not found everywhere. For instance, while price inflation is measurable—though relatively low —in the U.S., it dropped in China and India, according to CBRE Global Investors' Shane Taylor and Juliet Cha. Persistently low inflation...  more
<em>Global Economic Outlook:</em> February 2017
Keep the champagne on ice for now, but it looks like the global economy is on an upswing. Despite a chorus of bears and a high level of uncertainty, AllianceBernstein Global Economic Research believes there could be more good than bad news in 2017. “When we consider...  more
<em>Europe Watch:</em> February 2017
Key to the future of real estate investment in Europe is the impact of the United Kingdom's exit from the E.U., or Brexit, for short. Yet as wrenching as Brexit is expected to be, the effects don't seem to obvious yet, aside from currency traders selling pounds. As...  more
<em>Market Flash Report:</em> February 2017
Pathstone’s Market Flash Report compiles the recent performance of various asset class indexes and summarizes economic and market developments.Call it “the triumph of hope over experience” as applied to investing, but January was a good month in the markets. “Stocks...  more
IRS says ‘You owe us money. Bye-bye, U.S. passport!’
It is a whole new world for Americans abroad, but perhaps not as welcoming as in the Disney song. A routine overseas trip could turn into a one-way ticket to the U.S. if the IRS says they owe back taxes. “January 1, 2016, marked a new era for Americans living abroad,...  more
The only certainty is uncertainty
Ninety days from the election and just a few weeks from the inauguration, investors are getting a better picture of the new administration and what it might do. The enthusiasm that fuelled a stock market rally is cooling off as Wall Street realizes that...  more
<em>Americas Watch:</em> February 2017
A marathon session with Fractured Fairy Tales must have inspired Shubrha Jha and her fellow analysts at CBRE Global Investors last month. Looking at the sectors of the U.S. real estate market, they ask which is the fairest of all, as Snow White’s wicked stepmother...  more
<em>Capital Markets Flash Report:</em> January 2017
Wealth advisory firm Greycourt & Company reviews the returns recorded in January by several asset classes, including domestic and foreign equities, fixed income, hedge funds, and commodities, in the Capital Markets Flash Report.Reality intruded on Wall Street’s...  more
National defense: Is another spending boom on the horizon?
The president’s campaign promise to substantially increase spending on defense has AllianceBernstein U.S. Economist Joseph Carson crunching the numbers and cracking the history books. Big dollars are involved, since “It would include modernizing U.S. nuclear weapons...  more