The wise way to buy whisky
Whisky connoiseurs need to look before they leap into buying their favorite liquor at auction or in a private sale. As has happened in every category of collectibles, counterfeiting is on the rise. In just the past few weeks, Alice Lascelles reports, an arrest was...  more
A Week on the Wrist: The Panthère de Cartier
It is a risky business, recreating a brand icon. Comparisons are inevitable and not always flattering. In the case of the Panthère de Cartier, though, revived after almost 15 years, the company may have satisfied fans and new customers alike. That is what Hodinkee...  more
What to see at the Venice Biennale
“At the 57th Venice Art Biennale next month, expect Nigerian performance art, Welsh poetic audio-collage and a Chilean installation of 1,500 Mapuche masks,” says in this guide to the venerable art show. “The art fair will feature 85 international...  more
See all the world’s greatest places in one month on a flying cruise
If you want to check off a chunk of your travel bucket list in a hurry, escorted private jet tours are the answer, promising around-the-world trips in style. And the options are increasing. Along with Los Angeles-based Crystal Cruises, “Luxury hotel companies from...  more
Rums of comfort: The seductive spirit is back
Rum may not have quite the cachet of single malt whiskey but it is the basis for many well-regarded cocktails. There is also a similar tradition of artisanal makers, found throughout the Caribbean. Jonathan Ray took on the task of visiting rum distilleries on a...  more
Preservation of your art collection
Whether you think of the art you own as an investment or as a collection of beloved objects—or both—they should be protected. Adequate insurance is essential but every collector should know basic conservation practices. Beyond minimizing direct sunlight and...  more
Mark Viner: A musical autobiography
I'll start at the beginning. I think it's fair to say that my entire musical upbringing was an unusual one. I am not from a musical family and was a late starter. I started playing the piano at the age of 11 (three months before my 12th birthday, if I'm not mistaken)....  more
Food lovers, Las Vegas wants you for America's top culinary event
Las Vegas’ reputation as the paragon of glitz and the home of the unlimited shrimp cocktail buffet is probably deserved. Less well known is that the city is a restaurant showcase. “That’s because just about everyone who does restaurants at a high level has one in...  more
2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Unfiltered driving at its best
The Alfa Romeo brand has a romantic history, made more so by being unavailable in the U.S. for 20 years. Even so, it hasn’t attracted crowds of buyers since it was reintroduced, which Forbes contributor Sam Abuelhamid thinks is unfortunate. He especially likes the...  more
The Patek Philippe 1518 in steel: video, photos, history, and thoughts
An auction record doesn’t happen often, even with auctions taking place every day all over the world. For watch auction records, Philipps In Association With Bacs and Russo has become the house associated with the best items, and at its most recent Geneva auction a...  more
Thanksgiving’s perfect wine pairing: Top American pinot noir
The Thanksgiving wine quandary is solved at last. Katie Bell promises to end your confusion about which is the best wine to serve with a feast that can include "every manifestation of cuisine imaginable." Her answer is American pinot noir--popular, high quality, and...  more
Scorching around in Morgan’s punchy new electric three-wheeler
It’s sure to be the only one on your block, if not in your city: an electric Morgan three-wheel car. Not something you see every day, especially the limited edition created for London's Selfridge's department store to highlight “British craftsmanship and...  more
2017 Porsche Panamera first drive: The brand’s best sedan yet
A new car model may mean a few cosmetic changes and a new feature or two, or it may be a significant redesign. For the Porsche Panamera, the 2017 models qualify as redesigns, with changes inside and out. Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott calls it a home run, based...  more
The new PGA Tour Pro-Am is every golf fan’s bucket list fantasy trip
Golfing’s pro-am experience is tough to duplicate, if not unique to the sport. There is no equivalent in baseball, basketball, tennis, or soccer, where amateur players can take part in a game with professionals. Adding to the appeal is the chance to enjoy pro-level...  more
Autumn perfumes evoke the scents of the season
Some perfumes can be worn all year, while others seem more suitable for cooler weather. Shorter days, chilly winds, and falling leaves call for a change of scent. “Even in the deodorised urban environment, autumn is a fragrant season,” perfume expert Victoria...  more
Get the thrill of driving a 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe without the upkeep hassle
How sweet it would be to own and drive a classic race  car, one that you may have fallen in love with and never quite got over. Sweet, perhaps, but with many vintage cars maintenance and upkeep can take away a lot of the joy of ownership. Not so with the modern...  more
Travel that makes a difference: 5 luxury lodges that prize cultural conservation
“There’s a lot of talk these days about sustainable travel,” Ann Abel says. “That usually seems to mean eco stewardship and wildlife conservation. But elephants and polar bears aren’t the only animals that matter.“Some of the leaders in luxury travel do far more than...  more
Patek Philippe’s two new Nautilus models
It is a Back to the Future moment for Patek Philippe, as the luxury Swiss watchmaker releases two Nautilus sports models to mark the line’s 40th anniversary. One of the new watches is inspired by a large-for-the-time watch, nicknamed Jumbo, while the other is a...  more
The Rolls-Royce Dawn
“Convertible” and “Rolls-Royce” were never found in close proximity in the same sentence until this year, when the Dawn was added to the British carmaker’s lineup. Based on Benjamin Reeves’ review for Worth magazine, fans of Rolls-Royce may wonder why it took so long....  more
Hands-On: The Fiona Krüger Celebration Skull Black
Just in time for Halloween, the Celebration Skull Black watch makes a statement like no other. LIke no other, that is, except for Fiona Krüger's other watches. The designer creates watches based on the images of the Mexican Day of the Dead, all in the shape of a skull...  more
The world’s most outrageous helicopter tours
“The beauty of a helicopter is that it grants access to the inaccessible,” Mei Anne Foo observes. “Remote areas become the perfect landing spots for private ventures. Hostile terrains such as active volcanoes and tourist-clogged trails become more manageable when you...  more
Get suited by the best bespoke tailor on earth
Bespoke is applied by marketers to just about anything—audio products, automobiles, bicycles, haircuts—but in fashion it reflects a suit “cut entirely by hand,” as the best tailors in London and Naples make them. Bloomberg Pursuits writer David Coggins had a bespoke...  more
My quest for the ultimate fountain pen: Part 2, the Italian period
Fountain pens are a fascinating anachronism in a digital age, though they are used around the world. Ballpoints, roller balls, and gel pens are all easier to use, and convenience rules the mass market, but for the fountain pen fan nothing else will do. From the myriad...  more
Four jewelers who added sparkle to the Biennale des Antiquaires
Jewelry used to be a significant attraction of the Biennalle des Antiquaires antique show in Paris. This year, however, the international jewelers opted out and were replaced by four somewhat less well known names who nevertheless impressed fairgoers. The four...  more
A snob’s guide to the world's flea markets
Thanks to the Internet, you can find nearly any sort of collectible you want without leaving home, even antiques and works of art. Convenience is appealing, but for adventurous collectors, clicking on a link will never replace the thrill of discovering that perfect...  more