Rums of comfort: The seductive spirit is back
Rum may not have quite the cachet of single malt whiskey but it is the basis for many well-regarded cocktails. There is also a similar tradition of artisanal makers, found throughout the Caribbean. Jonathan Ray took on the task of visiting rum distilleries on a...  more
Hands On: The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold
Attendees at the recent Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva saw dozens of new watches from 30 exhibitors, including several from Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak line. Of all the watches she saw, inspected, and tried on, the Royal Oak Frosted Gold...  more
These 2017 cars are the most likely to become valuable in the future
Among collectibles, cars have been consistently among the top classes showing growing value. That growth has slowed after several years of significant gains, but there is still a case to be made for cars as potentially profitable investments. But which cars have what...  more
Preservation of your art collection
Whether you think of the art you own as an investment or as a collection of beloved objects—or both—they should be protected. Adequate insurance is essential but every collector should know basic conservation practices. Beyond minimizing direct sunlight and...  more
5 big travel mistakes you might be making
Travel writer Larry Olmsted has been there and done that, multiple times. With nearly 25 years' experience writing about luxury travel, he's been to most of the popular places and many of the out-of-the-way destinations travelers visit. He has also heard “the same...  more
Making waves: A new breed of stylish, innovative cruise ship
For those who imagine a cruise is like being trapped on a floating tour bus, Celebrity Cruises thinks you will appreciate its luxury alternative, Celebrity Edge. Celebrity Edge is, Tara Wilkinson says, “claimed to be the most innovative ship of its kind, aimed at the...  more
Phillips announces its next themed sale, this time dedicated to all things Heuer
An upcoming auction has Heuer watch collectors more than a little excited. Because it is organized by Bacs & Russo at Phillips, who were responsible for the record-setting Day-and-Date and Rolex Milestones sales, it is something like a seal of approval for the...  more
It’s not trendy, but this is the best deal in art right now
Bloomberg art editor James Tarmy has some advice for collectors: “The first rule of collecting is that you should like what you get. You’ll be living with it, after all.” The next rule is, “If you’re looking for a return on your art purchase, look for art that is out...  more
A master sommelier’s list of top wine regions to visit now
“Wine travel may well be the ultimate edu-vacation,” travel writer Katie Bell says, and it is difficult to disagree with her when she asks, “who doesn’t love ‘learning’ about rosé sitting on a sunny patio in Provence? Even the sommeliers preach the virtues of getting...  more
My 2017 SIHH highlights
Of the two annual watch trade shows, Baselworld and the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), it is the SIHH a select group of luxury manufacturers. Baselworld, on the other hand, presents more than 1,500 exhibitors, including such top brands as Rolex,...  more
Bentley’s first-ever electric concept car is a luxury fever dream
After 87 years, the Geneva International Motor Show is well-established as a showcase for all the latest models, most of which are announced well in advance. Bentley took a different approach this year, surprising attendees with an electric concept car on opening day...  more
Mark Viner: A musical autobiography
I'll start at the beginning. I think it's fair to say that my entire musical upbringing was an unusual one. I am not from a musical family and was a late starter. I started playing the piano at the age of 11 (three months before my 12th birthday, if I'm not mistaken)....  more
Organic alchemy: Raw, rustic jewelry
“There is a movement, picking up steam, that celebrates jewelry in an organic style,” jewelry designer and blogger Monica Stephenson says. “This is not an old-school ideal of precision and alignment, polish and perfection, down to the inclusion-free gemstones so...  more
Collector’s World: Paul Maudsley
For a watch collector, overseeing the ultimate watch department of a major auction house would be a kid in a candy store situation. Phillips’ International Watch Specialist, Paul Maudsley, is that candy-store dweller, a life-long collector who has “handled over 30...  more
Food lovers, Las Vegas wants you for America's top culinary event
Las Vegas’ reputation as the paragon of glitz and the home of the unlimited shrimp cocktail buffet is probably deserved. Less well known is that the city is a restaurant showcase. “That’s because just about everyone who does restaurants at a high level has one in...  more
10 truly remote places where no one can track you down
There is no need to check in to a monastery for a break from phones and the Internet. Luxury and remoteness are not mutually exclusive, as Debbie Pappyn found in compiling a list of places where you can’t be found. “At these 10 places, there’s no Wi-Fi or bad cell...  more
Vault Couture: Helping travelers rediscover their wardrobes
For most travelers, a suite of steamer trunks isn’t practical outside of a round-the-world cruise and more’s the pity. Far more common is stuffing a suit or gown into a garment bag, knowing that it will have to be steamed or pressed when it is unpacked. A solution...  more
Works produced after artists’ deaths pose challenges for collectors
Just as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Prince make money after they die, many artists produce works posthumously. Oil paintings are out of the question, but prints and sculptures can be issued for decades after their creator left the studio. As Daniel Grant...  more
The quest for my ultimate fountain pen, part 3: The luxury brand period
The world of fountain pens is vast, with scores of manufacturers competing to produce the one pen you cannot live without. No wonder that it can take years for a collector to find his ultimate pen, as Martin Green has chronicled for Quill and Pad. In the last...  more
Superyachts partner up to fight ocean plastic
It is a frightening statistic: By 2050, the bits of plastic floating in the world’s oceans could outweigh the fish, if trends continue. Thankfully, many people have organized to reverse the trend, among whom are yacht builders and owners. “Ever since David de...  more
The future of travel: Why cooking and photography classes are the hottest new trend
The concept of a vacation as a time for relaxing and recharging seems to be on the wane, replaced by “experiential travel” or “making memories.” Spas are increasingly seen as passé, and hotel-based classes are becoming a draw: surfing, cooking, photography, and so on....  more
Six things to love about Mercedes’ latest ‘coupe’ SUV
“The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic Coupe is full of surprises—items beyond the fact that even though it’s called a coupe, it’s not a traditional two-door car," Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott says. “The GLC300 4Matic is labeled ‘coupe’ to connote its low...  more
What it’s like to get your grail watch: The story of my Louis Cartier tank
For dedicated collectors, finding their most wanted item, or grail, would be something like a mountain climber completing an ascent of Mt. Everest. The goal is attainable, but requires years of focused effort. According to Quill & Pad editor Martin Green, these...  more
Exploring the secrets of the American West
For a taste of the American West as it used to be, you could do worse than to visit Wyoming, Montana, or Utah. Their spectacular scenery alone make any trip worthwhile. Fortunately, creature comforts are readily available, as travel writer Lucia van der Post found on...  more
Fountain pen sales are surging
Along with long-playing records, mechanical watches, and paper checks, fountain pens are analog survivors in what is otherwise the digital age. And as is the case with LPs, sales have risen steadily for the last 10 years, falling only in 2009. Bloomberg Pursuits...  more