Works produced after artists’ deaths pose challenges for collectors
Just as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Prince make money after they die, many artists produce works posthumously. Oil paintings are out of the question, but prints and sculptures can be issued for decades after their creator left the studio. As Daniel Grant...  more
The quest for my ultimate fountain pen, part 3: The luxury brand period
The world of fountain pens is vast, with scores of manufacturers competing to produce the one pen you cannot live without. No wonder that it can take years for a collector to find his ultimate pen, as Martin Green has chronicled for Quill and Pad. In the last...  more
Superyachts partner up to fight ocean plastic
It is a frightening statistic: By 2050, the bits of plastic floating in the world’s oceans could outweigh the fish, if trends continue. Thankfully, many people have organized to reverse the trend, among whom are yacht builders and owners. “Ever since David de...  more
The future of travel: Why cooking and photography classes are the hottest new trend
The concept of a vacation as a time for relaxing and recharging seems to be on the wane, replaced by “experiential travel” or “making memories.” Spas are increasingly seen as passé, and hotel-based classes are becoming a draw: surfing, cooking, photography, and so on....  more
Six things to love about Mercedes’ latest ‘coupe’ SUV
“The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 4Matic Coupe is full of surprises—items beyond the fact that even though it’s called a coupe, it’s not a traditional two-door car," Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott says. “The GLC300 4Matic is labeled ‘coupe’ to connote its low...  more
What it’s like to get your grail watch: The story of my Louis Cartier tank
For dedicated collectors, finding their most wanted item, or grail, would be something like a mountain climber completing an ascent of Mt. Everest. The goal is attainable, but requires years of focused effort. According to Quill & Pad editor Martin Green, these...  more
Exploring the secrets of the American West
For a taste of the American West as it used to be, you could do worse than to visit Wyoming, Montana, or Utah. Their spectacular scenery alone make any trip worthwhile. Fortunately, creature comforts are readily available, as travel writer Lucia van der Post found on...  more
Fountain pen sales are surging
Along with long-playing records, mechanical watches, and paper checks, fountain pens are analog survivors in what is otherwise the digital age. And as is the case with LPs, sales have risen steadily for the last 10 years, falling only in 2009. Bloomberg Pursuits...  more
Meet the curator of the best watch collection in the world
Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe is proud of its nearly two century-old heritage, and justifiably so. Some of the most valuable watches in the world, and arguably some of the most beautiful, are Patek Philippes. If collectors are just a little jealous of the curator...  more
How to avoid the potholes of classic car ownership
Every buyer of a previously owned car knows enough to do at least some due diligence before handing over the money. It could be having someone more knowledgeable about cars look it over or taking it to a mechanic for an inspection. With a collectable car, that due...  more
Talking Watches With: Morgan King
Part of the pleasure in collecting comes from sharing your collection with a fellow collector. Wristwatch website Hodinkee makes that pleasure more social with its “Talking Watches With” feature, one of the most popular it produces. In the current installment,...  more
Are supercars ever a good investment?
A new car is an expensive indulgence when you consider that it loses value as soon as it leaves the dealer. Sportscars and supercars are another matter--sometimes. There is no automatic exemption from the rule of depreciation, as Mei Anne Foo explains in this article...  more
An engaging e-store of emerging art
Absolut has been involving artists in its advertising campaigns for many years, and now raising that involvement to another level. Absolut Arts launched in Europe last year with more than 100 young artists, and recently made its collection available in the United...  more
Talking scents with perfume pioneer Roja Dove
Roja Parfums is a newcomer to the perfume industry but Roja Dove, its creator, has more than 30 years’ experience working with scents. He began at the top with Guerlain, where he developed a course in perfume for the staff and was named Professeur de Parfum and...  more
Coping with art’s ‘Oops!’ factor
When you’re ready to dip your toe in the art market, be sure you’re prepared. Art doesn’t come with a user’s guide and many contemporary pieces can be challenging to care for properly. “A length of string, 60 tons of scrap metal, flowing water, food, and even dust...  more
Six special-edition spirits for the serious collector
Use the holidays as an excuse to indulge if necessary, and a special edition single malt scotch or cognac can be sipped with pleasure all year. The extra special limited editions meant for collectors are more expensive but worth it, according to Bloomberg Pursuits...  more
Talking Watches: With Spike Feresten
Hodinkee’s “Talking Watches” is an opportunity to visit with watch collectors and hear the stories behind their favorite pieces. Some are unique, some are rare, and some are personal grail items. “Spike” Feresten, subject of the most recent installment, is a comedy...  more
Collector profile: Eleanore and Domenico De Sole
If Eleanore and Domenico De Sole’s names are familiar to art collectors, it is a result of the couple’s suit against Knoedler Gallery for selling them a fake Rothko painting, settled in their favor after three weeks of testimony and extensive media coverage. Perhaps...  more
Geoffrey Kent’s Top 10 Travel Bucket List
Inveterate traveler Geoffrey Kent has been nearly everywhere since tour company Abercrombie & Kent was founded in 1963: something like 99 percent of the world’s countries, by his count. Still on the go at 75, traveling about 250 days a year, he slowed down long...  more
2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Unfiltered driving at its best
The Alfa Romeo brand has a romantic history, made more so by being unavailable in the U.S. for 20 years. Even so, it hasn’t attracted crowds of buyers since it was reintroduced, which Forbes contributor Sam Abuelhamid thinks is unfortunate. He especially likes the...  more
The Patek Philippe 1518 in steel: video, photos, history, and thoughts
An auction record doesn’t happen often, even with auctions taking place every day all over the world. For watch auction records, Philipps In Association With Bacs and Russo has become the house associated with the best items, and at its most recent Geneva auction a...  more
Thanksgiving’s perfect wine pairing: Top American pinot noir
The Thanksgiving wine quandary is solved at last. Katie Bell promises to end your confusion about which is the best wine to serve with a feast that can include "every manifestation of cuisine imaginable." Her answer is American pinot noir--popular, high quality, and...  more
Scorching around in Morgan’s punchy new electric three-wheeler
It’s sure to be the only one on your block, if not in your city: an electric Morgan three-wheel car. Not something you see every day, especially the limited edition created for London's Selfridge's department store to highlight “British craftsmanship and...  more
Look inside the Caribbean’s most luxurious new resort
A new resort on the Caribbean island of Canouan (where “the billionaires go to get away from the millionaires”) will surely be the next place to stay for connoiseurs of the luxe life. At The Pink Sands Club, a few lucky visitors can choose from one of the 14...  more
2017 Porsche Panamera first drive: The brand’s best sedan yet
A new car model may mean a few cosmetic changes and a new feature or two, or it may be a significant redesign. For the Porsche Panamera, the 2017 models qualify as redesigns, with changes inside and out. Bloomberg car editor Hannah Elliott calls it a home run, based...  more