A Week on the Wrist: The Panthère de Cartier
It is a risky business, recreating a brand icon. Comparisons are inevitable and not always flattering. In the case of the Panthère de Cartier, though, revived after almost 15 years, the company may have satisfied fans and new customers alike. That is what Hodinkee...  more
What to see at the Venice Biennale
“At the 57th Venice Art Biennale next month, expect Nigerian performance art, Welsh poetic audio-collage and a Chilean installation of 1,500 Mapuche masks,” says in this guide to the venerable art show. “The art fair will feature 85 international...  more
Three new pens, perfect for summer writing from Aurora, Montegrappa, and Faber-Castell
New collections from three of the world’s top pen companies are smart choices to take along on business trips or vacations. Nancy Olson calls them a “pen wardrobe” for the summer, a complement for cruisewear, perhaps. Fountain pens are part of each range, with...  more
How to buy luxury watches for less
It seems to be an open secret that fewer people are paying retail prices for high-end watches. The growth of the gray market, as it is known, comes from too many watches and too few buyers, Stacy Perman says. “Websites like advertise Omega Speedmasters at...  more
A Week on the Wrist: the Greubel Forsey GMT
Looking very little like a conventional watch, Greubel Forsey's GMT is a conversation piece for your wrist. Hodinkee editor Jack Forster had the opportunity to try one out for a week and reports that it wasn’t what he expected. “The funny thing about wearing the GMT...  more
The ultimate egg hunt
Fabergé Imperial Easter eggs—just 50 were made—are among the most coveted products of the pre-Revolutionary jeweler, valued in the multimillions of any currency. Less well known, but stunningly beautiful, are Fabergé’s Easter Egg pendants, highlighted by Sophie...  more
The smarter way to invest in art
Collecting art is not the best way to invest, unless you think that art is an alternative asset. For a layperson, there are too many ways to lose money on an illiquid item. That being said, Bloomberg art editor James Tarmy has some suggestions for taking a contrarian...  more
Baselworld 2017 roundtable: What we liked and what we didn't
The 2017 edition of Baselworld had fewer exhibitors and visitors, indicating what the fair’s managing director called “a challenging phase” for the industry. Yet even after nearly 100 years of the Swiss watch industry convening in Basel, manufacturers are surprising...  more
Photography: A gateway to collecting
Photography was late to be validated by art historians and the art market, and still lags behind painting in auction results. For a collector, this means that a significant collection of the best examples can be assembled for a fraction of a comparable painting or...  more
Editors’ Picks: The best everyday watches of Baselworld 2017
“The Baselworld dust is starting to settle and the show is officially over,” Hodinkee editor Stephen Pulvirent says, no doubt with some relief to be back in the office. “Thousands of new watches were shown, in basically every size, color, shape, and price, and they’ll...  more
Revisiting three modern perfume classics
The perfume business is founded on novelty—close to one thousand perfumes are introduced each year—but consumers can set their own pace and return to enduring scents of the past. One of the best known is Chanel No. 5, which has taken on iconic status since it was...  more
Hands On: The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold
Attendees at the recent Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva saw dozens of new watches from 30 exhibitors, including several from Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak line. Of all the watches she saw, inspected, and tried on, the Royal Oak Frosted Gold...  more
Preservation of your art collection
Whether you think of the art you own as an investment or as a collection of beloved objects—or both—they should be protected. Adequate insurance is essential but every collector should know basic conservation practices. Beyond minimizing direct sunlight and...  more
Phillips announces its next themed sale, this time dedicated to all things Heuer
An upcoming auction has Heuer watch collectors more than a little excited. Because it is organized by Bacs & Russo at Phillips, who were responsible for the record-setting Day-and-Date and Rolex Milestones sales, it is something like a seal of approval for the...  more
It’s not trendy, but this is the best deal in art right now
Bloomberg art editor James Tarmy has some advice for collectors: “The first rule of collecting is that you should like what you get. You’ll be living with it, after all.” The next rule is, “If you’re looking for a return on your art purchase, look for art that is out...  more
My 2017 SIHH highlights
Of the two annual watch trade shows, Baselworld and the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), it is the SIHH a select group of luxury manufacturers. Baselworld, on the other hand, presents more than 1,500 exhibitors, including such top brands as Rolex,...  more
Organic alchemy: Raw, rustic jewelry
“There is a movement, picking up steam, that celebrates jewelry in an organic style,” jewelry designer and blogger Monica Stephenson says. “This is not an old-school ideal of precision and alignment, polish and perfection, down to the inclusion-free gemstones so...  more
Collector’s World: Paul Maudsley
For a watch collector, overseeing the ultimate watch department of a major auction house would be a kid in a candy store situation. Phillips’ International Watch Specialist, Paul Maudsley, is that candy-store dweller, a life-long collector who has “handled over 30...  more
Works produced after artists’ deaths pose challenges for collectors
Just as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Prince make money after they die, many artists produce works posthumously. Oil paintings are out of the question, but prints and sculptures can be issued for decades after their creator left the studio. As Daniel Grant...  more
The quest for my ultimate fountain pen, part 3: The luxury brand period
The world of fountain pens is vast, with scores of manufacturers competing to produce the one pen you cannot live without. No wonder that it can take years for a collector to find his ultimate pen, as Martin Green has chronicled for Quill and Pad. In the last...  more
What it’s like to get your grail watch: The story of my Louis Cartier tank
For dedicated collectors, finding their most wanted item, or grail, would be something like a mountain climber completing an ascent of Mt. Everest. The goal is attainable, but requires years of focused effort. According to Quill & Pad editor Martin Green, these...  more
Fountain pen sales are surging
Along with long-playing records, mechanical watches, and paper checks, fountain pens are analog survivors in what is otherwise the digital age. And as is the case with LPs, sales have risen steadily for the last 10 years, falling only in 2009. Bloomberg Pursuits...  more
Meet the curator of the best watch collection in the world
Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe is proud of its nearly two century-old heritage, and justifiably so. Some of the most valuable watches in the world, and arguably some of the most beautiful, are Patek Philippes. If collectors are just a little jealous of the curator...  more
The Patek Philippe 1518 in steel: video, photos, history, and thoughts
An auction record doesn’t happen often, even with auctions taking place every day all over the world. For watch auction records, Philipps In Association With Bacs and Russo has become the house associated with the best items, and at its most recent Geneva auction a...  more
Patek Philippe’s two new Nautilus models
It is a Back to the Future moment for Patek Philippe, as the luxury Swiss watchmaker releases two Nautilus sports models to mark the line’s 40th anniversary. One of the new watches is inspired by a large-for-the-time watch, nicknamed Jumbo, while the other is a...  more