How to become a film producer
“The film industry is littered with stories of both critical success and enormous financial disaster,” Frances Wasem says. And a fortunate few movies realize a profit, (though Hollywood accounting may say otherwise). As Wasem points out, “Behind the glamour of the red...  more
The Launch: How Great Families Develop the Next Generation
Setting out after college for what is known as the real world was part of many young people’s experience for many years, as they established careers and lived on their own for the first time. That may be still be true Joline Godfrey believes that the process has...  more
Protect Your Children When Using Social Media
Giving children Internet access may be unavoidable today, but parents must also be alert to the risks. Insurance broker and consultancy HUB International’s guide to the Internet and social media in particular covers many situations that may come up with both younger...  more
Getting Started: Kids and Money, Part I
Parents often wonder when to start to teach their children about money, and in this newsletter from Independent Means, Joline Godfrey suggests some of the best ways to begin the process. Answering a note from the parents of a three-year-old and a nine-year-old,...  more
Learnings From the Long View
Learnings From the Long View, a new book by Peter Schwartz, looks back to Schwartz’s 1991 book, The Art of the Long View. The Art of the Long View “helped spur the widespread adoption of scenario-planning methods,” Global Business Network (GBN) writes, and inspired...  more
Wealth: Burden or Opportunity?
Wealth may be the source of satisfaction, but it can also cause anxiety and unhappiness. It is even the source of shame and guilt, especially if one takes seriously the way popular culture views wealth. In this still-relevant white paper, GenSpring Family Offices’...  more
Passing on the Ability to Respond
How do you transfer your wisdom to the next generation?  Drs. Carolyn Friend and James M. Weiner of Inheriting Wisdom write, “Transferring your wisdom in an active fashion and engaging those important to you will influence their decisions … It is a known that new...  more