Owning an island in Australia is more attainable than you think
There is great selection of islands for sale around the world right now, in all shapes and sizes. Private Islands’ website lists more than 600, up from 500 in 2014. Several of those properties are off the coast of Australia, situated in the warmer waters of the South...  more
Get suited by the best bespoke tailor on earth
Bespoke is applied by marketers to just about anything—audio products, automobiles, bicycles, haircuts—but in fashion it reflects a suit “cut entirely by hand,” as the best tailors in London and Naples make them. Bloomberg Pursuits writer David Coggins had a bespoke...  more
Savile Row’s next generation
Savile Row is a rather short street in Westminster with an outsize impact. Close to $25 million in custom made suits, shirts, and uniforms is done on the Row annually, according to the Savile Row Bespoke Association, which defines bespoke as handmade to exact...  more
The bespoke tailors broadening their global reach
It may be the last gasp of formal dressing or it could be the leading edge of a shift away from business casual, but more European custom tailors are visiting more cities around the world. According to Simon Crompton, “in the past five years, a new tranche of...  more
<em>Pssst!</em> Wanna buy a $20 million mansion?
When shopping for a home, who you know will lead you to the best real estate, since many properties don’t show up in an agent’s window, let alone on the multilisting service. This is especially true in high-end markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C...  more
You can buy a Czech castle for a song
If castles in Spain are scarce this year, consider expanding your search to the Czech Republic, where the country’s history favors buyers who appreciate a noble heritage. By one estimate the Czech Republic has “2,000-plus castles and chateaux, the legacy of a...  more
You just bought a private island. Now what?
Thinking about buying a tropical island? Not so fast. On the way to turning it into an idyllic retreat, there are a myriad of pitfalls. Take it from who knows: Doug Kulig, CEO of architectural firm OBMI. He shared the steps it takes to make an island inhabitable with...  more