5 big travel mistakes you might be making
Travel writer Larry Olmsted has been there and done that, multiple times. With nearly 25 years' experience writing about luxury travel, he's been to most of the popular places and many of the out-of-the-way destinations travelers visit. He has also heard “the same...  more
Making waves: A new breed of stylish, innovative cruise ship
For those who imagine a cruise is like being trapped on a floating tour bus, Celebrity Cruises thinks you will appreciate its luxury alternative, Celebrity Edge. Celebrity Edge is, Tara Wilkinson says, “claimed to be the most innovative ship of its kind, aimed at the...  more
10 truly remote places where no one can track you down
There is no need to check in to a monastery for a break from phones and the Internet. Luxury and remoteness are not mutually exclusive, as Debbie Pappyn found in compiling a list of places where you can’t be found. “At these 10 places, there’s no Wi-Fi or bad cell...  more
The future of travel: Why cooking and photography classes are the hottest new trend
The concept of a vacation as a time for relaxing and recharging seems to be on the wane, replaced by “experiential travel” or “making memories.” Spas are increasingly seen as passé, and hotel-based classes are becoming a draw: surfing, cooking, photography, and so on....  more
Exploring the secrets of the American West
For a taste of the American West as it used to be, you could do worse than to visit Wyoming, Montana, or Utah. Their spectacular scenery alone make any trip worthwhile. Fortunately, creature comforts are readily available, as travel writer Lucia van der Post found on...  more
Geoffrey Kent’s Top 10 Travel Bucket List
Inveterate traveler Geoffrey Kent has been nearly everywhere since tour company Abercrombie & Kent was founded in 1963: something like 99 percent of the world’s countries, by his count. Still on the go at 75, traveling about 250 days a year, he slowed down long...  more
Look inside the Caribbean’s most luxurious new resort
A new resort on the Caribbean island of Canouan (where “the billionaires go to get away from the millionaires”) will surely be the next place to stay for connoiseurs of the luxe life. At The Pink Sands Club, a few lucky visitors can choose from one of the 14...  more
Travel that makes a difference: 5 luxury lodges that prize cultural conservation
“There’s a lot of talk these days about sustainable travel,” Ann Abel says. “That usually seems to mean eco stewardship and wildlife conservation. But elephants and polar bears aren’t the only animals that matter.“Some of the leaders in luxury travel do far more than...  more
The world’s most outrageous helicopter tours
“The beauty of a helicopter is that it grants access to the inaccessible,” Mei Anne Foo observes. “Remote areas become the perfect landing spots for private ventures. Hostile terrains such as active volcanoes and tourist-clogged trails become more manageable when you...  more
Best conservation vacations: 14 destinations where wildlife and nature win
“Like ‘authentic’ and ‘experiential,’ ‘sustainable’ is a word that’s increasingly ubiquitous when we talk about travel,” travel writer Ann Abel says. “And it’s a great thing that so many hotels and resorts, say, encourage guests to reuse sheets and towels or install a...  more
Luxury travel’s hot trend: Bespoke biking and hiking vacations
“When the 2016 edition of the popular Travel + Leisure magazine World’s Best Awards came out recently, tour operators were stunned. A little-known company that had never appeared in the rankings before took the coveted Number One spot as the World’s Best Tour Operator...  more
Why you need to go to Colombia’s Coffee Triangle now
“Colombia’s best geography for coffee production also happens to be ideal for tourism,” Bloomberg travel writer Nic McCormack says. “Christened the Coffee Triangle, the central Andes departments of Caldas, Quindío, and Risaralda are dotted with haciendas turned chic...  more
A long weekend in the British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson
Among the many candidates for heaven on earth, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson nominates the British Virgin Islands. Among his qualifications are owning two islands in the chain: Moskito and Necker, where he has lived fulltime for the last 10 years. As Branson...  more
A traveler’s guide to Tokyo’s secret bars
International travelers usually require a guide of some sort, whether printed, online, or human. Tokyo presents extra challenges since many streets do not have signs. Travel writer Finn-Olaf Jones found a guide in Shinki Nohara, known as “the Tokyo fixer,” and an...  more
The most fun you can have in Thailand: Elephant polo with Anantara
Polo is both a challenging and a versatile game. Challenging as a traditional horse-based sport, played on grass or in the snow, it is versatile as well, for example when it is played on elephants, as it is in Thailand. The King’s Cup Tournament, sponsored by Anantara...  more
The cool answer to Baja California’s Tulum: Todos Santos
Though development is proceeding at a rapid pace throughout Baja California, for a taste of the old Baja intrepid travelers can visit Todos Santos (All Saints), near the tip of the peninsula,. Todos Santos is a small town that offers a lot: “shops and cafés, surf...  more
Adventures with survival experts
If you have world enough and time, and a yen for real adventure, there are guides who will take you on adrenaline-raising expeditions to the far corners of the world. For example: a kite skiing trek from the southernmost to the northeasternmost point of the Greenland...  more
Ultimate insider’s guide to Mardi Gras
It only seems like it is a little late to make plans for the New Orleans Mardi Gras, which ends on Tuesday, February 28. Don’t believe it. “There are always last-minute cancellations,” travel writer Beth D’Addono says. “Spend some time online and on the phone to make it...  more
Get away from it all—in style: Explora Atacama, Chile
The austere landscape of a desert has an undeniable appeal. For our technology-saturated society, it could be the perfect get-away-from-it-all destination, as travel writer Ann Abel suggests. And for perhaps the ultimate desert experience, consider Chile’s Atacama...  more
The ultimate exotic shopping expedition you didn’t know was possible
“Of all the shopping meccas in the world, none dazzles more than India. The silks! The carpets! The rubies and silver and gold!” travel writer Ann Abel says. “But of all the countries in the world, few are more dizzying than India. It’s all too easy to veer off on...  more
Top luxury resorts in Maldives
When you’re in the mood for a tropical paradise, consider one of the 1,192 islands that make up the Republic of Maldives. “A hotspot for honeymooners, Maldives is an equally popular destination among surfers, divers, spa enthusiasts, sunbathers, and even the...  more
Best private islands for sale
An island of your own is an enduring dream, and for those whose dreams tend in that direction Lyndon White has assembled a selection of far-flung pieces of paradise. Taken from the stock of Private Islands Online and Vladi Private Islands are parcels of land both...  more
An insider’s guide to Reykjavik, Iceland
With its spectacular landscapes and central location, Iceland has been a destination for savvy travelers for years. Its capital, Reykjavik, has many attractions, as the insiders polled by Janine Barone reveal. Barone cites “world-class chefs who are pushing culinary...  more
The ultimate bucket list adventure: A submarine expedition with The Explorers Club
For a bucket list adventure so unusual that it probably isn’t even on your bucket list, consider a submarine expedition in the Mediterranean. Even if you have been to all of the continents and have a ticket for a sub-space flight, chances are you haven’t explored the...  more
Four Exceptional Old Master Exhibitions
Museums everywhere are vying for your attendance with treasures from their collections but there are four exhibits that no art-lover should miss, if they possibly can fit them into their schedule. All are in Europe, and all are easy to get to. It would be simple...  more