Autumn perfumes evoke the scents of the season
Some perfumes can be worn all year, while others seem more suitable for cooler weather. Shorter days, chilly winds, and falling leaves call for a change of scent. “Even in the deodorised urban environment, autumn is a fragrant season,” perfume expert Victoria...  more
At luxury resorts, the doctor can see you now
Luxury resorts are discovering a new way to cater to their guests’ every need by providing medical exams and nutritional advice. “Wellness initiatives—from yoga classes in the fitness center to kale chips in the mini-bar—have been sweeping the hotel industry,” Andrea...  more
Concierge Medicine: Brave New World of Health Care
“For years, affluent consumers have turned to specialty or ‘concierge’ health care resources, both at home and abroad, to escape crowded waiting rooms, receive more personalized attention, and access a wider range of treatment options,” insurance advisor and broker...  more
Health & Wealth
“Health & Wealth,” part of Silver Bridge Advisors’ Woman’s Perspective series, reports on a discussion moderated by Silver Bridge Institute Director Allison Taff on the intersection of health and wealth. “The conversation explored women’s need to first, understand...  more
High Net Worth Cynicism
Breaking through to an unhappy teenager can be made more difficult if he or she has grown up in a wealthy family. As Independent Means CEO Joline Godfrey writes in this newsletter, “I have been struck by the awareness that kids who see pain and poverty in the world...  more
Spread the Wealth: Seven realities for affluent family leadership
Planning for the future requires a firm grasp of the realities of the present, as this white paper from Raylign Advisory points out. When it comes to a family, which may involve multiple generations and complicated relationships, solutions are likely to be complex. In...  more